Receivable Management Solution

What is Receivable Management Solution?

Automate your Sales cycle of Supply chain and save cost by process efficiency

Submitting GST compliant sales invoices, following up for accounts receivable payments, collection reconciliation and managing working capital until money is collected may not be easy for many corporates and it has a direct impact on its working capital management.

RAMSUN’s Receivable Management Solution offers complete automation for E-invoice generation, enabling E-way bill generation, submission of the same to customers, systematic follow up reminders for collection, enabling collection through online channels and facilitating the working capital management solution basis needed at one place. Our AR Ageing process and reports will regularly notify you about unpaid customer invoices and unused credit memos.

This makes the entire process automated and efficient, leads to bringing down DSO, resulting in cost savings for corporate and better control on overall process.

Benefits for Corporate
  • Generation of E-invoice
  • Automated submission to customers via email
  • Systematic follow-ups & reminders
  • Online invoice tracking and real time status
  • Electronic collection mechanism
  • Facilitating working capital management solution from the same platform
  • Easily implementable, no upfront Capex cost
  • Reconciliation support of all transactions
  • Audit trail of transactions
  • Cost efficiency in entire process resulting in cost saving
  • Collection solution with a unified platform that fits all your requirements
  • Direct Debit, Nach Debit and UPI Debit options available

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