Supplier Management Solution

What is Supplier Management Solution?

Accounts payable solution – Automate your Purchase cycle of Supply chain and save cost by process efficiency

Receiving invoices from Suppliers, dealing discrepancies, workflow management, managing payments of the same may be a great challenge for many companies if not using automation in the process and this makes the process cumbersome and cost inefficient.

RAMSUN’s Supplier Management Solution offers complete automation for invoice receiving, its approval and its payment through various modes, giving consolidated view, online invoicing by suppliers, and control over entire payables at one place. The solution comprises multiple sub-modules including Vendor Registration Solution, E-invoicing solution, Vendor Management Solution and Accounts Payable Solution.

E-invoicing can be enabled for Vendors also right from their accounting system such as Tally, Navision etc. so that GST compliant invoices are received by corporates with proper validation.

Depending on the requirements, invoices from the Suppliers can be routed for Supply chain finance through various models.

  • Online invoice tracking and real time status
  • Automated approval process
  • Receipt of valid E-invoices from Suppliers ensuring GST credit
  • Alerts and Notification at each stage
  • Easily implementable, no upfront Capex cost
  • Reconciliation support of all payable transactions
  • Audit trail of transactions
  • Cost efficiency in entire process resulting in cost saving
  • E-invoicing solution
  • Easy submission of invoices
  • Real time tracking of invoice & payment status
  • Easy reconciliation of financed or unfinanced invoices and payment thereof
  • Alerts and Notification at each stage
  • All in one vendor portal

What RAMSUN Network offers?

  • RAMSUN Network provides unique solution by seamless one-time integration, no further integration needed for other solutions or to connect to counter-party’s ERP
  • Expert Team to implement the solution for you. Through one platform, Suppliers can manage E-invoicing, invoice submission and financing while Corporate has full consolidated view of transactions from various suppliers
  • Holistic automated solution facilitating the entire cycle from Invoicing to Financing
  • Secured and reliable platform for data integrity and security
  • Reconciliation tasks made easier through digital platform

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