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SME Enterprises generally need working capital/Business loans to grow their business. However, it may be a cumbersome process, especially for SME businesses. To get a SME Business Loan, you need access to multiple financiers as it takes a lot of time and effort to run your proposal through numerous financial institutions.

The process at each financial institution for getting a Business loan in India may be tedious & cumbersome as every financial institution has its specific requirements, and it takes a lot of time to understand the same for multiple financial institutions.

SME Loans or working capital loans are one of the most required financing methods used by startups or other small businesses in India. However, there are alternate financing models available for SME businesses to get collateral-free SME financing if they become a part of Supply Chain Finance programs for their large corporates to whom they supply goods or services or from large OEMs for whom they provide dealerships.

Choose RAMSUN Network for SME Online Business Loans!

What RAMSUN Network offers?

For SME Financing, RAMSUN Network offers access to multiple Banks and NBFC basis the credit profile of the SME businesses and leverages access to more financiers resulting in better Interest rates and faster processing.

At RAMSUN Network, our team understands the SME Business loan requirement and matches it with the right financial institution. In addition, our team tries to understand if SME enterprise can be made part of supply chain finance solutions, which can be given to their large corporates.

Basis, the creditworthiness of SME enterprise, their large corporate partner’s interest for Supply chain financing solution, and its creditworthiness, RAMSUN team can suggest the best way for SME Lending.

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