Vendor Bill Discounting

Vendor Bill Discounting is a mode of alternate financing for Suppliers to get faster & competitive liquidity to manage its working capital while it uses the brand of its Corporate whom it supplies goods or services. This enables the Supplier to unlock its receivables which essentially accelerates its cash flow from Buyer and thus provides a better financing mode which is faster and without collateral.

On the other hand, Buyer can pay to financial institutions on agreed due date and can expand its working capital cycle.

This product may have various variants as to on whom the recourse is, who is bearing the interest cost from financial institutions and different approval workflows.

This mode of financing can be leveraged by Dealers also.

Registration starting soon for Enterprises and Financial Institutions

What RAMSUN Network offers?

RAMSUN Network offers digital platform which connects Buyers and Suppliers/Dealers with multiple Financial institutions who can finance the transaction based on their credit assessment of the profiles of Buyer and/or Supplier. Thus, helps faster access to multiple financial institutions. The complete process is facilitated on new age technology enabled platform resulting in seamless process and better price discovery.

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